Happy 2020 @RealtimeVFX

This year has been amazing for so many reasons. Sketches, challenges, the knowledge we shared…

And I’m sure 2020 will be awesome too!

This is the project I’m currently working on! Keep an eye out since I’ll be creating an awesome demo reel soon hehehe

So, what are your new year resolutions? Any dream projects?

Ready to take your VFX to the next level? :gem:

Best wishes to you all! :sparkles:


Happy New Year :smiley:

Items I’d like to do

  • Use Blender more and try to remove my Maya Subscription for next year
  • Try and go thru all the Houdini / Blueprint tutorials bought last year ^^
  • finish up a projects that i didn’t finish last year
  • find happiness continuing to working at home (extrovert in me is gradually adjusting)

Excited to see everyone’s game announcements they are releasing this year on next-gen consoles in Dec 2020 :smiley:


Happy 2020! What a decade it’s been!

My goals are so spread out, so I’ll only list relevant VFX ones here (at times it feels like I’m not even an artist anymore :frowning:)

  • Participate as an artist in this community
  • Work on a personal VFX project (what a dream)
  • Play with Niagara and VFX Graph

It’s a new decade! :open_mouth:


Happy new year.

I’m really exited for Niagara, so I already started playing around with it a little bit.
I’m also hoping to do some interesting comunity events this year.


Happy New Year!!!
I hope to have more knowledge about VFX.
I followed that game and i love the style and studio.
I’m very excited to watch your demo reel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Top things I’ll be working really hard to improve on:

  • Learning and improving 2d FX animation
  • Becoming faster and more proficient at creating concept art for fx
  • Understanding Houdini better and using it much more in my asset creation pipeline
  • Being better organized and cataloging my time spent working

Happy new year ! What a fantastic community we have here :smile:

Things I definitely want to do this year :

  • Continue to practice 3D animation & rigging
  • Continue to progress in Unity stylized VFX
  • Begin 2D animation
  • Create another full game with friends
  • Participate in all the major game jams
  • Participate to more VFX sketches
  • And finally, go back to practice the synth/piano after a long pause to be able to make my own soundtracks in games :smile: