Hak : Sketch #62 - torrent

Hi, I hope i get to complete this sketch in this month😅
I am trying to use Houdini and trying to import the simulation in unity for final rendering.

My goal is to create a short water FX with some rendering in unity (never done this using unity…so i hope it goes well :sweat_smile:)

This is just a simple splash imported to unity from Houdini using VATS (vertex animation textures)
Recording 2024-04-17 at 11.18.53

This is the first trail pass on particles in Houdini to get the shape and forces approximation.
Recording 2024-04-17 at 11.22.34


This is the start water drop FX in Houdini (plan is to export it to unity using VATS)…added some wobble to the sphere using the mountain node and animating some values in the timeline. tried to add some droplets falling, but it does not look that good…have to adjust that in unity maybe.

Recording 2024-04-18 at 19.20.11

next part would be some short water arcs and a mini tornado.


looks nice so far ! if you need refs, i got this nice one:


Thanks @simonschreibt !! I really liked the reference of the tornado ball! After seeing this reference i do plan on adding some separate particles for the droplets, it looks more appealing with separate particles and then a separate sphere (maybe other mesh ?) for the tornado.

I was planning to us this image as some reference for colors and maybe shapes…but it depends on how it will turn out in unity. I have never rendered any FX in unity before, just used unreal mostly, so I hope it goes well.

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nice concepts! i’ve also this nice ref for a stylized water bubble thingie:

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That’s such a cool FX! I had the similar idea is mind, water ball at the top and a mini tornado swirling beneath it. This will help me visualize my final FX more hehehe! Thanks a ton @simonschreibt :raised_hands:

started with the mini tornado…just tried to import it to unity…(had some troubles the entire day with VATS, they were acting weird for some reason.)

I still have to shape up the tornado a bit in Houdini. But so far it finally works in unity😅
Recording 2024-04-20 at 18.52.25

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Looks nice! It will be much more awesome to with some shader!

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yes, adding some good materials with some textures and panning would give some depth to the effect but I have never used a shader graph in unity, (but I can give it a shot😅) Thanks @fxy !

i am still setting up lighting in the scene, and checking if the lighting goes well with simulations in unity.

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Finally bought some water rings in unity (they were not importing in unity, as it had some errors in Houdini)
adjusted some lighting, and made some changes in the shader graph for the simulations. (to be lit properly in the light)
Its getting there, but still need some tweaking. I still have to work a bit on the lighting…
Recording 2024-04-22 at 19.06.12

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The last part of the FX - the flask. Made it in maya and took it in Houdini for some simulation.
Recording 2024-04-23 at 19.23.49

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Here is the fast sketch i made brainstorming how to give a ending to this FX. (last minute work is really not good😅)

and here is a screen shot of the set up that is in progress :raised_hands:

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Its already looks great! Lighting is impressive!

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Here is the final render. (could have been more better…)
I just took some gifs from the editor itself and combined them all in one video format. Camera rendering and all would have consumed a lot of time (and I don’t know how to do that in unity)
Would have done better, if started earlier and planned correctly, but still I had fun while creating this FX.

Thank you once again for hosting these challenges, it really keeps me motivated in making FXs🙌


Another awesome entry! And yeah i feel you with starting earlier and planning. I have to work on those things aswell.

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