Guraoz' Sketchbook



Feedback is appreciated as always!

Hey guys!
I’m kind of new in the world of VFX, however I’ve been lurking around for quite some time now, soaking up all the knowledge you awesome people share (or at least I tried :smile:).
So I figured it’s time I put myself out there and see what I could improve on (maybe turn this into a sketchbook).

I’ve tried to create a healing arrow, although I’m not sure it’s immediately apparent…

As the title says, I’d love to hear any kind of feedback!
In any case, I’ll keep creating and thanks for keeping this awesome community alive!


Good job @Guraoz!

Since you’re asking for feeback, I would:

  • Enlarge those embers!
  • Give the arrow a subtle trail, it being a simple glow or maybe those interlaced lines you use in the charge.
  • Shake that camera on hit :movie_camera:
  • More contrast in value, let the arrow and the outer circle that represents the AoE be brighter.
  • Anticipation on the charge, a quarter of a second soulercoaster pointing towards the firing spot.
  • A shadow in the floor that follows the arrow, to imply where the arrow is outscreen.
  • Make the spheres react to the attack and the hit.

Have a nice day! :black_heart:


Thank you!
These are some great ideas I haven’t thought of.

I decided to give the camera some life, not sure how I did on the shaking part haha.

I tried creating a shadow, but I didn’t like any of the variations I came up with, so maybe I’d be better off creating a simple arrow mesh, and letting it cast shadows instead (currently the arrow is just a quad with a texture)

As for animating the spheres, I might try it later this week, not sure how they should react :thinking:

And here’s the little update:


Decided to make a simple little fire using the technique described here by @Jordanov