Sketch #10: Jordanov

Final Entry :slight_smile:

Hi there,

This is my first WIP for this month, very stylized with a cartoony shape and color !


I will try to make a video or longer GIF for the next iterationsn and integrate in UE4 with a little scene I think ! :smiley:


Would be interesting to see what elements this consists of! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

You mean, how I achieve the effect ?

Yes, I can see you used popcorn. But it would be nice to know a little more about the parts of the effect. Sometimes it looks like spheres with a texture on, and sometimes it looks like sprites. Are you using vector fields or is the movement of the embers scripted through popcorn? Makes me all kinds of curious! :smiley:

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Yeah, so if you want I will do the breakdown ! (It’s odd to make a breakdown of a WIP but why not :smiley: )

So first, the fire is only sprites with this texture, with random rotation on it. I just apply a dissolve effect in order to have the smooth transition on it.


Then, it’s just a tweak with the colors and glow, that’s all !

For the embers, it’s just a simple Turbulence I tweaked in order to have a good movement flow !


I hope I answered well about your ask ! :smiley:

EDIT : I just saw what do you mean about the sphere things ! It’s just an optical illusion, because every sprites have a random life, and some of them, due to their small life, dissolve on the base of the fire and create the shape you mentionned :smile:

If it help you to understand, it’s because I applied to the sprite an initial small Velocity to the ground direction, and then I apply a constant acceleration to the sky direction, so they ‘bounce’ a little and not just go up ! I don’t know if it’s very clear :sweat_smile:


It’s a nice explanation! Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain these things! :slight_smile:
I understand about how the sprites initially go down and then increase in speed upwards. Adds nice movement to it!

I’m looking forward to seeing further updates on this!

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Hey everyone,

Little update for today : add a smoke effect !

Tell me what you thinking about this ! :smiley:


Hey everyone !

This is my current WIP. I changed the smoke effect and general look, but still hesitate between the previous one or this one. I guess the previous one was better for a kind of “finished fire” so I will continue to refine this one.
I also add some particles burst and clinking light in order to add more life on it !
Still interrested about your feedback :slight_smile:

For the next step, I will try to make more 3D model and environment to add more context around the effect ! :smiley:


So this is it, my final entry for the contest :

Was very fun to work on it, and define a lot more interresting things working on something stylized !

GL everyone, I will post a little breakdown tonight if I find the time to do it :smiley:


Really cool looking :smiley: I love how it flows!

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Hey !

As promise, this is a little Breakdown for the curious one ! Nothing really revolutionnary I guess, but when I was a beginner, I was a lover on all the breakdown of behind the magic !

So here we go :

This is the final version of the effect.


You can find here the flames alone.


And for those who wondered, this is the flame with only 1 particle per second (actual rate is about 10 particle per second).
As you can see, all flame have random lifetime, and you can see more about the dissolve effect.

Then, I add a little flickered light in order to give more depth on the effect, with the mesh and the environment around.

After that, I add three differents types of embers : the ones which always go up, and two different intensity of bursting ones.

And finaly, the smoke effect, which is basically the same technic as the flames, but with a bigger lifetime and a different timing of the dissolution.

You can see here a view taking a bit farther, to see how the smoke disappear.

And voilà, hope you enjoy !
Tell me if you have any question about it ! :smiley:


Awesome job! Can you tell me more about this dissolve effect on the sprite? Do you dissolve in another program like after effects and then import the sprite sheet? Thank you!

Hi @carneiroart ,

Sorry, I didn’t see your message.
Actually, there isn’t any sprite sheet at all, juste one texture with transparency. This is how it’s work :

In PopcornFx, there is a type of shader called AlphaRemap. This is basically a alpha erosion shader. There is a link of a PopcornFx tutorial for you to understand better how it’s work in PopcornFx.

But basically, it’s a simple erosion effect, work like a mask, like explained here :

I will show you how I achieve to dind the shape I want.
In photoshop, I create a texture with a gradient. The gradient will define wich part of the texture will disappear first.

This is a texture and how it work. To previsualise it, I use the threshold effect, so I can ajust it directly on photoshop :

And here, a more compicated gradient to refine the shpae as I want :

So you know all of it now :smiley:

You can see upward the look of the texture I use on my effect. Feel free to comment if you have any other questions or if you don’t understand something !


nice bonfire, man)
I was inspired and tried to do it in Cascade UE4, but it came out not so beautiful as you


this is so awesome technique! I learned great thing today! Thanks a lot!

Quickly played around with this in Unity today. Here is my variant. Spent about 20min on this, could use more work but … I need to catch a flight! weeeeee.



thx for your great share!I make my own texture and shader in unity, works great

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Share it, I wanna see ! :smile:

I made in unity 3d :grinning:

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