Ground Strike Attack

Hey guys,

I recently finished a personal project, and while I usually post to the facebook group, I wanted to try posting here instead :slight_smile:

This is a ground strike attack meant to fit into a dungeon crawler game like Path of Exile or Torchlight. I spent a lot of time trying to improve my sculpting and PBR texturing skills because I havent used them since college and do not want to lose them. I am calling this done for now, but I would still love any feedback you guys have.

Thats a nice Crack effect !

However i would suggest to put a gradient into the yellow Glowy crack at the begging, From Mid to End of the surface to reduce the emission and let appear the beautiful crack. Maybe that can allow you to anim the glow surface too and focus on the global effect more than the ground itself.

Also, i love the End, and the rocks !

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The dissolve part of your rocks looks a bit weird to me, have you tried doing vertex offset to make them go back into the ground instead ?
Other than that, it looks pretty cool :ok_hand:

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