Gronk: Embergen Challenge

(cracks knuckles) Shia Labeouf commands me, LETS DO IT.


Okay, got the basics all sorted out. Flipbooks exporting properly, UE4 material set up with motion vectors fixed. I’ve packed the flame and emissive textures and linked them to dynamic properties in the material, so I can adjust them individually for extra variance.


Sweet! Any tips on how you got the motion vectors to work?

I found an old thread talking about problems with them with Slate exports, that mentioned an error in the UE4 Flipbook MotionVector function. Fixing that solved the issue with them scrolling in UV space. There’s still some problems with the intensity scale I think, but haven’t dug into them yet, it’s working “good enough” just using really low values.

awesome, gonna look into that - thanks @Gronk!

Another thing to watch out for, that keeps sneaking up as a problem, is you need to import the motion vectors uncompressed (I use BC7) and make sure that SRBG is turned off.

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Updates and tweaks to motion vector test. If anyone’s still struggling, I suggest grabbing the prototype material shared on the JangaFX discord.


Thanks for the tips, think I got it to work now!