Gregory Oliveira: Sketch #18 - Hologram

Hello there!

I was already doing this hologram effect while studying the VFX Graph demo from Unity, so It was rly convenient to have a sketch just about that.

Of course this effect is in fact a copy of @PeeWeekVFX effect, but I intent to use what I learned and the shader I developed to make something new, with a better presentation as well.

I may also post a breakdown or a quick tutorial of this effect at some point too :slight_smile:


I’ll be waiting for that breakdown, I’m particularly interested in the godray like beams since I wouldn’t know how to aproach that.


This looks awesome. Great work

I want to learn this !!! Already soooo nice

Whooohoooo, I’ve saw ths on Twitter a couple days ago. Can’t wait to see some breakdown. This looks really cool :smiley:

This look proper awesome!

Very cool! Just in the name of citing sources (I know you already wrote it, but I didn’t see a link):


WOW! So so cool. I’d love to dig into the VFX graph myself.

Yes, breakdown for this please! Really nice work. The original version in the Unity demo was one of my favourite parts of the demo. :thumbsup:

Awesome, can’t wait to see breakdown :heart_eyes::fire:

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how to make there rays in unreal engine?

You can spawn a lot of particles, then make vertex offset using noise map and then throw trails from them into one point.

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Thanks i will try that.

I don’t know if you have seen this one, but this is a pretty cool hologram-like effect in unreal: