Greg Tapper: Sketch #27 Ice



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Here’s my concept & reference for sketch #27 ICE!

Psyched to make some new ice shaders and make this feel stupid powerful. :sunglasses:

This is my first sketch on here and I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! Can’t wait to see what you all create!


You can also use my reference :wink:
Unfortunately, I can’t participate because I did ice effects 2 months ago.
I use a texture instead of a model, so it’s more optimized.

+++ much more:



Woo! I appreciate this! You keep pumping out so many awesome FX :heart_eyes:

Most of all I waiting your VFX from your sketch, I looks so good :star_struck:

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Timing blockout!


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Great concept art! <3

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Made a prism reflective ice shader for the growing ice crystal and ground impact crystals



I think it looks more like crystals than ice. Anyway it’s look good.

Your ice looks awesome! I especially like the prism effect! Would you mind breaking down your shader setup? That would be super helpful to learn! Thank you in advance if you have the time!

Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks for pointing that out! I got carried away, but for the challenge I’ll vary the shapes including larger connected pieces and add texture to read more like ice.

Current WIP!

What’s left… still need to add more to the ice beam / polish timing. I also need to finish the impact fx which I hope to post progress of in the next day or so. (bursting ice crystals, impact bursts, glowing frost decals, and aftermath snow/debris)

Almost made the hero ice a billboard, but I loved animating the spiked shards to sell the strength of the gained and released energy. I used a quaded icosahedron w/2 bones. Weight painted the center of each pentagon face and scaled the second bone. Insta-spikes! :sunglasses:

Still a WIP, but open to feedback!


This is really cute fx man)) Love the shader on a ice-crystals too)

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Recreated ice shard impact


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Here’s my submission for sketch #27
(until I wake up tomorrow and find all the things or get awesome feedback to improve it before the deadline! :slight_smile: )


This was created in Unity, shaders in Amplify, meshes in Maya, and textures in Photoshop.
No lights used. All glow cards. No post effects other than anti-aliasing.

I improved the impact ice shards further with a slight timing adjustment, added burst/glow cards, and made the shards white for the first few frames which helps guide eye to the shards from the hero crystal release.


Ice shader! :ice_cube: I created an additive version for the hero crystal to see the white crystal inside. The hard, double-edged rim was a trick I picked up from the shader god, Joyce[MinionsArt].

If you want to learn more about shaders and pick up tricks that will change the way you look at the world, shattering your fragile mind, go back Joyce on Patreon RIGHT NOW!

The sketch is over in 24 hours, but I’m still open to feedback and improving! If you want any additional breakdowns, just let me know! :slight_smile:


Nice! The randomness in shape and scale from the bursting ice shards feel really organic/natural. My only suggestion would be the addition of something to help indicate the frozen nature of the crystals, maybe a mist, swirling snowflakes or even a added noise mask on the shader to give it that frosty look. Just a thought - great work nonetheless, congrats!

Woo! I can’t unsee the missing mist now… As for the frosty shards, I originally had a noisy texture over the tips of the shards, but it didn’t match the style so I scrapped it. But I agree it’s missing. I’ll hand paint the texture and add it tonight before the deadline.

Thanks for the comments! :partying_face:

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Last iteration before the deadline!


After receiving feedback I couldn’t ignore, I added the frosty, hazy mist to the ice shard impacts and minimally to the burst. I also frosted the tips of the ice shards on the impact to make it feel colder.

Here’s what I added to the shader, right before the albedo mult, after the clamp.

I really enjoyed this month’s theme and would love to see more “versus” themes.
This was… cool. :ice_cube:

Cheers everyone! :partying_face:


Hi great work and the ice looks amazing, could you send a little higher resolution of the node graph? The Register and Get nodes are a little blurry and hard to read ahaha. Amazing work keep it up!