Graph functions

i’m new to unreal. i want to simulate a battle field. i need to plot few parametric equations of radar signals. can anyone help me out please?
any help is appreciated ! The tasks are as follow.

  1. i can get some parameters like distance
  2. use these parameters to define my equations like energy distribution of radar signal or if impossible i can approximate it to simpler form.
  3. plot that in the central management system. maybe a simple widget

Can you be more specific as to what exactly you are trying to do?
Can you show us your progress and point out where you are getting stuck?

If you are using a material, you could take in a few objects in a blueprint (or via c++ if that is what you fancy) and feed the result of a distance calculation into a MaterialParameterCollection. After that you can read those positions in into your material (just drag and drop the mpc into your material graph view).

i just created the empty project and designed the game mechanics. i am here to ask you guys if i can implement it. My point is how can i do the plotting staff given an equation. you mentioned materials so i can take that as one option that i should dig out deeper though. maybe better if you guide me the way or point me to some tutorials.

i found a tool perfect for me but i don’t know how to use it maybe
it is for older version of ue4 or i don’t know if it is for ue4.
i want to do like this tool.

like the one done here.

but it can’t graph in my blueprint.