Good animation vfx workflows for Unity?

Hey guys!

I’m struggling to imrpove some of our animation vfx workflows in Unity. Currently we place animation events in AnimationClips and the effects gets instanced on runtime when the animation plays. The problem is we have a ridiculous amount of animations, many use similar effects at the same clip time, you need to start every time to see your work in action and it’s really easy to make errors.

I think I saw a really cool solution, maybe here, but I can’t find it anymore :frowning: Someone made an animation preview window where you can basically manage your animations in a separate window, place anim events, the effects get instanced for preview and you don’t need to hit play everytime.
I wondered how do you tackle these vfx that are tied to animation in Unity?
Do you have any different solutions to improve your workflows for this use case? Am I missing anything?

Would love to start a discussion for this, happy to hear your thoughts! :slight_smile:

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