Gluhwein: Sketch #17 WIP

Hey everyone, it’s finally time to make my first post here! I guess i’m a bit late with this, but it’s better than never, right? I’m really new to all VFX stuff, so any critique and advices are very welcome :slight_smile:

PS. I see that the stones are too flat for stones (they are a part of a shader after all), but i have no idea how to place meshes instead and make them move along the flow of the river, so can anyone tell the common way for such things?


So many new VFX enthusiast here (like me!), welcome! :smiley:
Nice lava river, I like the lighting.

welcome! hope you’ll have a good time here (I’m sure you will).

for the flatness of the stones…i wonder if pom (parallax occlusion mapping) could help you there. there is this nice video from @Partikel where he does bullet holes and they look very deep even they are just textures on a flat surface.

Yay, finally got a chance to try it aaand looks like it works!

Definitely need some time to play with it, but i guess it really is the thing i was looking for.