Glass Fracturing

Hey all again,

I was wondering how people approach fracturing glass within unreal? I am also trying to decide which workflow would work best within my pipeline (passing meshes from modellers to me and me fracturing and adding to prefabs)

Currently I was taking the window pane mesh, running it through apex to fracture and having 3 different fractures per window pane (fully fractured and two types with pieces left behind), I am then adding this to the building prefab and this is able to randomize the type of fracturing it will have. Seems to work fine but there decent chunk of work initially to fracture all the panes and setup the prefabs. Feels like there must be a better way…

Seems like my options are:

  1. Apex - now depreciated but many examples of how to do it
  2. Blast - Apex replacement from nvidia, but not fully supported
  3. Chaos - recently came out, requires adding the feature to unreal
  4. Houdini fracture using Apex - have worked on this before so familiar but due to using Apex might not be best approach

There is this on the marketplace (Procedural Destructible Glass - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums), so obviously realtime fracturing can be done “on the fly” but I just wondered how anyone else has approached it?