Getting my VFX toes wet

I recently made my first VFX, a loose school assignment where we were asked to create a “loot box” effect. Idle unopened, opening and idle opened. I wanted to make some flowy smoke and it took a spooky turn. I basically just added emitters and finally the scull as I went. This is all obviously very basic and pretty un-optimized, happy to have a beginning on this journey :slight_smile:

Upon finishing it I realized I wanted to create more trails from the scull and change the shader to feel volumetric and magic. The shader and mesh is incredibly rushed as it is now.


Hey man, looks cool!

I really like the stringy smoke flowing out of the treasure chest down when it’s opened. Is that smoke a material on a mesh or how did you make it? I’m kinda curious :slight_smile:

That’s a fun effect, and all the small details on the chest before it is opened are a nice touch - good work!

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Yeah, it’s a simple material that changes the contrast on a gradient basically.