GDC VFX meetup / mixer?

I know there is a lot going on that week but, does anyone know of a VFX specific mixer or meetup at GDC? Is there something else worth going to besides the IGDA mixer? Thanks again as always everyone.

I don’t know of any mixers or anything, but I do know of the Bootcamp that is happening and then there will also be VFX roundtables.

Not sure if that is very helpful or not, this year is just my first GDC.

This is the first time at GDC but I know there’s usually some sort of vfx meet up arranged by a few kind local souls. Once something gets sorted it will probably show up here and on the FB page :slight_smile:

I was also wondering if we would have one this year. I would hate to assume someone else is setting this up only to have it not happen. I’m not the best equipped to set anything up as I haven’t been in a few years, and don’t remember any particularly good spots. :frowning:

Would anyone be willing to own this? If a time and place are picked I’d be happy to assist getting the word out.

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Summoning @Drew to offer his insight on organizing the GDC VFX meetup, since he’s in the know on these sorts of things ;^]

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The one last year sounded jam packed with fx people and fun :’(

Thanks for the ping Jason!

2 things to report on those topics:

  1. Tuesday night after the VFX bootcamp we will definitely be doing something fun near the conference, so put that on your calendars! Proper invite coming soon.

  2. Separately, @undertone aka David Johnson, is the mastermind behind the annual VFX Mixer and has something in store for us there too. Nothing announced on that front yet, but it’s typically later in the week, and very very special. That will be the main event.


Oh you have me more excited now!


That is so exiting! If you or @undertone need any assistance hit me up. Really looking forwards to it!

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Can’t wait, really looking forward to meeting up with all y’all :slight_smile:

Its going to be awesome, cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? Not to pester, just excited for GDC :slight_smile:

Hey Gang,

Yes, we’re having a meetup on Thu. March 2nd from 6 - 8 at the St. Regis Lobby Bar. Flyer and details will be posted soon.