GDC Talk - Art Direction of Street Fighter 5



As glad as I am that Capcom put this together, there is no direct talking on VFXs.
So this goes over a lot of the Art Direction of Street Fighter 5.

Main reason I am bringing this is 1) it cool to watch / listen to overall and 2) there is a section where they talked about some of their tech and rendering techniques. The more they talked, the more I was sort of connecting the dots on how their VFXs are done in my head.

For the video, starting around the 34 minute mark.
For the slides, starting at slide 80.

They start to talk about some of the rendering techniques they did. Normal map filter, lighting, etc. As they talked, mixing those techniques onto effects meshes seemingly made the final result much easier to achieve.

Again, nothing super specific or specifically related to VFXs, but I thought it was a cool / great watch and learn.


Pretty great talk!
Regarding VFX, I talked to Toshiyuki briefly about the nice inky trails, and he told me this:

“Trail is a skinned mesh - 1, Mesh creation of fluid with real flow. 2, Re-topology. 3, Smooth binding. Joint setting (30-100 joints). 4, Make it follow the hands and feet. Following is program controlled”

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