! GDC 2022 VFX Summit!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share that I’ll be the VFX advisor, helping organize the summits for GDC '22. The call for papers is now officially open till October 5th! :tada:

This year, we look forward to covering subjects like the transition to cutting-edge VFX tools, impact of COVID & working remotely, pathways to becoming a VFX artist, crafting VFX for mobile & VR, outsourcing and contracting, the thinning veil between film & games, potential game post-mortems and genre-specific tricks and techniques.

If these sound like something you’d be excited to speak on or if you have some great ideas related to realtime VFX; I encourage you to submit using the link: https://gdconf.com/call-for-submissions/summits

If you have any questions/topics you’d like to speak on or see, feel free to reach out to me on here or through my email at: veerfx3d@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing some fantastic talks! :boom: :sparkles:


Thinning veil between film & games… hmm… I might have some thoughts about that!

But also, maybe read up on/reach out to Framestore about this project:

Do you have more info to share? I’ve only half paid attention to Framestores push, but I haven’t seen anything that indicate they use any Unreal FX at all.

On a different note it’s interesting that this is the topic of 2022. It was super hot and happening during 2019/2020 but I feel like the excitement has cooled off a lot during 2021 as more and more VFX houses got burned by the realities of realtime, ILM moved to a proprietary engine and Blomkamps projects kinda fizzled a bit.

Don’t have any more info I can share, but the FUSE project is definitely legit.

Yeah, I’m not questioning that. I’m just wondering wether they are doing any FX work that would be relevant to discuss at the summit or if it’s just vanilla VP/Hard surface final pixel like everyone else does.

Does it get used much for pre-vis stuff at all? Or is it just as fast for studios to use a traditional 3d package for that kind of stuff with all the tools they probably have?

Only in the virtual production sense. If they need to move around a mocap environment with a camera etc. Or if the end result is intended to be in engine. Otherwise traditional previz is still faster.
But neither usecase utilize more than an absolute minimum of fx for performance sake.

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