GDC 2021 VFX Roundtables

I’m so excited to see y’all at this year’s virtual GDC Visual Effects Roundtables from July 21 - 23. For anyone not familiar with the setup, here are the links to the sessions:

Visual Effects Roundtable Day 1
Visual Effects Roundtable Day 2: Artistic Lens
Visual Effects Roundtable Day 3: Technical Lens

The illustrious @Drew has retired from his years of service, moving on to much googlier pastures. Thanks, Drew, for your incredible work in years past. You leave a high standard to reach, sir. To help me out on Day 3, the fantastic @Dave_Shovlin has agreed to facilitate. Super excited to have him on board!

And hopefully with the online format, even more of you can make it. I’m seriously looking forward to this!


So that’s all great, but how can YOU help? Glad you asked! I’d love your thoughts on a few things we’re currently figuring out:

1. Takeaways you hope to get from each of the 3 sessions.
2. Questions you want answered by our global community.
3. Topics that would make for interesting discussion.
4. Conversations that will illustrate our diverse work styles.


Exciting! This is only available to people with core/all access passes right? So if you want to attend this AND the VFX summit, you need the ubermega all access ticket?

Thanks Jason for taking the reins! I’ve been taking notes from watching you moderate Day 2 for the last several years, so this passing of the torch feels very fitting.

Looking forward to throwing out random non sequiturs! Yes, I promise to wait to be called on :slight_smile:


Yes, I believe you’re correct, based on what I’m reading on the page. Also seems the All Access is also the only ticket that grants GDC Vault access.

I’m imagining all the ways you could possibly NOT wait to be called on, given I control the mute buttons… hacks? text messages? singing telegrams?

Reminder to update my security, turn off my phone, and check if I actually will have control of the mute buttons…