GDC 2019 - Who's going?

I’m on the GDC hype train now. Looking to see who all is going? I take it a good portion of active users from the forum will be there. Some people may have not gotten their rooms yet so there may be opportunities for people to split room fares.

This will be my first GDC experience, so do you get to see times of summits once you buy your pass?
What kinds of parties are you looking to attend? Is there a VFX/Tech Art Party?

Any way, lets get a list going here of peeps who will be at the conference! :slight_smile:


I’ll be there again! :slight_smile:
last year was my first and great so going again this year so my annual dose of inspiration

I went last year, it was awesome. We had our first ever realtimevfx Meetup. I’m guessing it’ll be bigger this year. Im really tempted to go but I might not make it this year.

I had planned to go since i missed last year but it conflicts with a friends wedding :frowning: at least I’ll be in the same state!

I went to the FX roundtable for the first time last year (tech-agenda, not art-agenda) and it was great… really hope I can borrow a pass to go again.

For the realtime VFX party, I just sat alone in the corner and ate eggrolls… but that is just me!

I’m planning to go this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Got my visa sorted today so I’ll definitely be going :slight_smile: Gonna be my first gdc so I really hope to meet all you guys!

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Really just waiting to hear back from the CA program right now. Dunno if I can swing it financially outside of that. Used to be easier when I was a 2 hour drive from SF

This year was really rough to set up, but I think I have it locked in now, so… barring some sort of weather madness, I should be there. This will be my third year in a row (2017 was my first!). It may be also my foreseeable last for a time, so I really hope to mine as much knowledge and goodtimes as I can.

Look forward to potentially meeting you @JangaFX . Bring comfortable shoes and a quality backpack that won’t dig in to your shoulders.

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Hod I wish I could but I live a little too far away… a continent away to be precise :sweat_smile:. Plus I also have a family wedding to attend at the same time.

But I hope you’ll talk about your experiences here, with us!Who you’ve met, what you’ve seen… and how about that realtimevfx meetup? This is going to be awesome!

trying to see if i can make it for the meet-up and then fly off to the wedding :slight_smile: just need to know the plan details

Didn’t qualify for CA this time around, so I can’t swing it financially :frowning:

I’m going to try to go! It depends on whether or not my work gives me the thumbs up

I’m not going. I’m being sent to an internal conference near that time so it didn’t make sense this year.