GDC 2019 Planning...Bootcamp...Meetup...& More

Despite being almost 7 months away preparations for GDC 2019 are beginning! First order of business is to get the boot-camp planning started so we can submit an initial plan to GDC.

2019 BOOT-CAMP CALL FOR IDEAS: This year I am taking the baton from Fred Hooper (who did an amazing job last year) and organizing the day long VFX Boot-Camp. If you have an idea for a talk, a topic you want covered, or would like to be considered to give a talk please email me directly @

In addition to that I think GDC can be a great yearly “loop point” for our community to organize around. For example last year I pitched the idea of promoting the #RealTimeVFX hashtag as our theme for GDC, which led to an open call for real time logo treatments, and then spawned some other ideas like the 2018 reel I pulled together from this site and played at the event, and some #RealTimeVFX T-shirts, etc.

This year I would like to spread that work out through the community and formalize things a bit so we can take it up a notch.

I have a list of ideas but I would love to see suggestions and discussion of what the community thinks in the thread below.


  • RTVFX Council. You may or may not know that there is a group of people who have been in the community for years who chat in the back channels and have made a lot of the amazing things happen for the community like this forum, events, etc.
    – I suggest we formalize those positions to some degree by publishing a list of existing members and adding people to the list as we see fit. The idea is to give credit for hard work but also give visibility in and outside of the community for the best points of contact.
    – A Council Alumni title could be used for people on the council who are taking a low participation year or retiring from the game.

  • RTVFX yearly roles. This is where we crowdsource the efforts each year in the community and give people a chance to get more involved with the inner workings of the community. Some of these already exist, some I am pitching:
    – Boot Camp Organizer
    – Speakers
    – Web Site Admins
    – FB Group Admins (managing join requests etc.)
    – Event Planners (collecting sponsors, planning the GDC meetup event, more events?)
    – Community Reel/Awards? (Collect the best examples from the community each year, make a reel to highlight the community , organize a RTVFX awards!!! my personal dream)
    – Community Builders (a general title to cover different efforts planned by the community each year) For example…

  • T-shirts/ Fundraising: Lots of people were interested in the T-shirts last year but I only made a few. I was thinking we could make up a proper batch and sell them in the community. The proceeds could go to the cost of the site but once we have covered that I would really love to use it to equalize travel costs for speakers and sponsor student travel to GDC.

What do you think? What other roles could there be? Would you like to get more involved in the community and help out?


Hey Mark this is excellent. When do you want the ideas for the GDC talk by? I have a couple ideas heh.

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As a university student, I’m curious about your thoughts on a community role of a university-industry liaison. Someone who can bring the awareness of our niche and give talks / presentations in schools to get students interested in real time VFX and also help connect worthy students to industry related mentors. For example, if a student was interested in explosions/stylized/realistic/destruction VFX; link them up with someone who specializes in that willing to mentor them once a week/ twice a month to help with their progress etc.

I know that this is the point of the website, discord and fb community in the first place but not many students know or take advantage of it. I was discussing with a mentor of mine yesterday how I feel like I’ve learned SO MUCH from this community but haven’t been able to give back enough which I would really love to even if it were in the form of general awareness about what it is we do, how we do it and how we can get better. Awareness is usually the first step of many imo!

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Send em over! I am working out a loose framework that I hope can accommodate a wide variety of talks and I would love to have some samples in mind to test my ideas against.

I think that is a great idea. I was working with some student programmers last year and I happened to have a freshly hired programmer from the team at GDC with me. She was able to tell them exactly what she had just done the year before to get hired and it was perfect. Maybe we could have a group of student volunteers for various community efforts and a specific role for bridging the gap between student and pro. Preferably someone who made the transition recently and understands how to navigate the transition.

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Done and done. and this must be at least 20 characters.

Can do. I even typed up my experience on here for others to look over in case it helped someone

Is the bootcamp no longer Mon & Tues? Wednesday would be cool for all the people getting in with a Wed-Fri pass, but that’s also the day when basically every other party and meetup are :confused: