GDC 2018: Frostbite GPU Emitter Graph System

Hi everybody,

Just a heads up about the fact that me (Frostbite) and Anders Egleus (DICE) will be presenting at GDC 2018. The presentation is about the new GPU particles/emitters system we have developed in Frostbite and how it was used to great effects for the first time in Star Wars Battlefront II.

We hope to meet some of you there. Once the presentation is done, we can continue the discussion here in case you have any questions.



Probably the best pun I’ve seen on this forum so far!

In all seriousness though, this looks suuuuper interesting and I wish I could be there in person! You people are pushing the boundaries of VFX, keep up the great work!

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The talk slides are now available Frostbite GPU Emitter Graph System :slight_smile:
Workflow, tech and lots of details about the art in StarWars Battlefront II