Gasoline Explosion: Sketch #15 WIP

Well, to be honest I was completely unaware to check this month’s GameFX Sketch. But, Hey! It did completely align with what I am working on! :wink: yay!
Here is my explosion video made in Houdini. Just a start towards understanding the Pyro FX. Feedback’s are most welcome!


How do you learn Houdini . I want lear Houdini ,But I don’t know where to start

SideFX website has a lot of tutorials you can learn from. In fact, they have an entire section dedicated to tutorials. Getting Started | Learning Houdini Learning Path | SideFX . Go nuts.

thank you , I will try:grin:

Yup! SideFX is full with tutorials and also there is a thread on this channel where you’ll find a list of tutorial links. :upside_down_face: