GameTextureViewer 2.0: Browse your texture trove easily!


A few months ago we acquired GameTextureViewer (GTV) from OverScore Software. We eventually want to expand on its features and become another standard tool in the RTVFX toolbox.

This release comes with an updated UI, GPU accelerated texture previews, and a few extra nifty features. We have made this tool completely free of charge and we think that it is complimentary to our flagship product EmberGen and any workflow where you are often sorting through textures. We support TIF, TGA, JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD and EXR formats.

Over time we plan to incorporate more features that allow you to work better as an FX Artist and expand on what the tool is capable of.

You can grab GTV 2.0 and learn more here: GameTextureViewer: Texture browsing made easy - JangaFX