Fxy : Sketch #62

Hello. First time to participate in a sketch. I finally decided.


This is final result.

My main concept is whaling. so i made a whale model first.

(i think its more like tuna or shark :cry:)

i will try to learn substance painter.


this is current progress for now. still need many things to improve.

left things for now are make sea and wave better.

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I’d say the models aren’t that important. Focus on the VFX, they’re looking good already, so keep polishing them <3

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Thanks for advice! I almost forgot about it.

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hehe no worries! giving you this advice from personal experience with previous sketches, I lost so much time and focus while trying to create the characters / environment :skull:

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Current progress. slightly changed last wave.

I’m thinking about what should i add something in 8s~13s.

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Final Render. Still have regrets but lack of idea :melting_face:


Wow! I like the the end water wave splash! Did you use meshes in particle system with some shader work on them? Or the VFX graph?

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Thanks! I used particle system with meshes!