Full screen normal / displacement in unity URP?

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for some direction on this vfx off and on for over a year.

This vfx is from a game called Deadlight:


It’s quite a cool effect.

Chromatic aberration I know can be handled w post processor and the “glitch” style I’m not so interested in, but the full screen displacement / normals effect is what I really want to understand.

This doesn’t seem to be just a lens distortion but actually a controlled UV effect.

I’ve been looking high and low on how to properly incorporate full screen normal maps in unity shadergraph and just coming up empty. I went through @GabrielAguiar nice full screen vfx tutorial but it didn’t touch on any kind of displacement.

Any pointers to resources, etc., are most welcome.

just to be clear, I’m not trying to recreate that deadlight vfx. I’m actually wanting to do a sort of circular scooby doo tunnel effect, but I really just want the normal map/displacement part of the vfx in it.

This was an earlier thing I did with a similar feel, but I need it to be less magical sewer pipe this time and more really tweaking the screen view

I think looking up 2D distortion/Heat Distortion tutorials on YouTube could help you out. @GabrielAguiar has one if you look for “Heat Distortion Effect”.

That shader combined with some of the implementation of the full screen effect should be able to create the effect you’re looking for.
However, you would need to play around with the texture for the distortion of the Screen Position.

Hope this helps.

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thanks that definitely sounds like the right direction for me, I’ll take a look!

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