Fulfill your dreams, never give up and you will reap what you sow! :)

Hi everyone, I’m Neexeer, a vfx artist who just started in the industry.

I have been reading many forums, tweets, publications on Linkedin, Realtime and other sites, about the great “topic” about whether you can find work in the video game industry, be it a 3d modeler, video game programmer, vfx artist, etc. .

The truth is that it is something that usually costs more at the beginning, but the answer is yes, you can find a job without having years of experience. I am going to use my case as an example, I have been studying 4-6 months in youtube courses, Udemy, reading unity articles, unreal engine, digital and physical books and videos about other game engines for any question or doubt you have to solve about any problem that arises while you are doing your own project.

With a lot of effort that I have been making during these months, spending a large part of my time investing it in studying to be able to work on something that I have always liked, recently I created a Linkedin account to meet more people in the sector and to be able to have more communication, and it was just at that moment, talking to people, asking questions, when a person contacted me saying that they were looking for a vfx artist who had little experience for a very good project and later continue with other projects of the company.

I encourage everyone reading this to ask anything without being afraid to think if they are very “newbie” questions or “obvious” questions. Everything with effort is possible, and I am sure that anyone who reads this post will be of great help with this small contribution, and that they continue studying and training in what they are most passionate about.

A pleasure to always be surrounded by lovely people in a sector as beautiful as videogames, and I’m sure that if you make an effort in what you do, you will achieve it!


  1. Create a Linkedin, upload your finished and good projects there so that companies can see it and contact you.

  2. Create a good portfolio, the most important thing, where you show how good you are in your projects.

  3. Learn new things every day in what you study, and even if you work on what you already like, keep learning as much as you can.

  4. Never leave your dreams unfulfilled for fear of failing, failing to fulfill your dreams means failing.

  5. Happy weekend everyone and may the force be with you, hehehe :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for posting. I newbie in VFX I learn from youtube and Free resources I am doing it Frome 2 months, I do stuck a lot sometimes I think to give up because I am not an Artistic person, but still I am pushing my Sefl to become a VFX artist and getting into industry I try my best. thanks.

Hello, I am glad that my publication has served you. Nobody is born an artist, nobody is born with a gift for something… you can be better at one thing or another, but that part improves with experience, if you don’t give up and keep studying no matter how long you stay, or not something comes out of it, you’ll end up being a good vfx artist, I’m pretty sure.

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thanks a lot, it’s a lot for me, would you mind staying connected with me? to help me with feedback and suggestion for my portfolio?

Ok. Any questions you have, all the people on this website can help you, and I will help you in everything possible.

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thank you so much, yup people are very helpful here.

Hey, I need your help, I am Working on one Effact in Unity in that Effact I have one Character with 2 materials. During effect, I wanted to turn ON the Second material Leter and I don’t know how to do that I have been stuck on these for the last 2 Days. I tried some scripts from some websites and Turtoral but that did not work for me. Can you help me with this, please?