Frimousse: Sketch #22


edit :
April 8th References
April 15th First Scketch

Hi everyone i’m a beginner in fx and new comer of this forum.
I will also participate for the grayscale exercice and that’s my first time obviously :wink:
Like many others i will update it every weeks

First Part Ideas Of the Concept
I’m not posting scketch of the 7 declinaison today but wait for it it gonna come
Sorry for the lacks of images i can’t post more than one :slight_smile:

I’m note very fond of my skill today so i need to go on a easy task and I like fuzzy things but i don’t do often blast effect and hit impact.

It will surely be a big challenge but I want to make an declinaison of the magic beam .That’s kind of tricky because we look at this effect like a big horizontal flash of light and without color it will be not easy.

I don’t like complicate effect like coreans do with lot of sparks and pentagramme on the hand of the magician
So it needs to be simple .It can be made of fire can simulate implosion for this effect i can have a lot of diversity !

For the main reference I think i will take diablo 3 and the Magician class who have several beam like attack like the ray of frost or the archon beam


Also i can find some parallel effect that give the same feels .
we have the anti alien cannon in independance resurgence with a big round effect goes along the laser like a camera on a rail

Or Dbz effects like the kamehameha

I know it’s kind of blurry i have references but they are not organized yet i will do tomorrow my scketch and ideas on what my grayscales magic beam should look like .
Have a nice day!

Oh and sorry for my bad english english i’m not fluent but i will try harder next time i promise !
EDIT :i will post the ref on imgur and attach it on this post

imgur links :

_Second Part Ideas Ideas Scketch _

Good evening, all of you
as planned I send you the fx sketches of the 7 grayscale variations of my beams.
As you will be able to see , the drawings are not tip top graphically and I am not an imaginative person so these are traditional beam (elemental stuff).
There is nothing very fun and I apologize.I think im too much a begnner to thnk about funny and imaginative stuff like lush like exemple :slight_smile:!
And for some of them there may be plenty of particles but I put all the ones that seemed necessary to me and I can remove them if there are too many.Thanks for any future feedback.

Good evening to you

FIRE BEAM The disintegration effect of Diablo 3’s Magician with a lot more of sparks

WATER BEAM beam itself is a little cartoonish andd create rain on his path.Need to explicit the water splash that will be hard to understand in grayscale (look like smoke ;))

WIND BEAM at reception the mesh of the wind disappeared and it goes everywhere like …real wind

ICE BEAM ray of frost from Diablo 3’s magician with an supply of freeze on the ground

ENERGY BEAM lasher shot with an bigger shot that travel along the beam (cf Independance day resurgence cannon’s)

ELECTRICITY BEAM electric shot with proton travels alng and maybe electrocution shader on reception

DARK BEAM this one is not explicit just a big wave a dark energy with floating things around it and materia inside that makes sparks (ref archon shot and kamehameha )


Hey there @Frimousse

About that, I don’t think that would be a problem. In fact, for one of the variations, I would suggest you to create an over the top galore of sparks and magic things, just to try it out! Even then, you can keep the effect simple in terms of timing or overall structure, or maybe shape-wise.

For that, I would recommend you check out this awesome tutorial by @ErbGameArt.

Waiting for you to update the post!