Free Paragon assets on Unreal Marketplace

A HUGE, MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Epic who worked on Paragon, especially the awesome FX and tech artists. An extra big thank you to Epic for releasing basically all of Paragon for us to download and tear apart for free.

In case you missed it, Epic Games is releasing a ton of assets from their 3rd Person MOBA Paragon, which you can download for free from the Unreal Marketplace (you have to download each individual character). Students!! This means you now have characters, animations and levels that you can build vfx for and show off in a lit environment. Plus, each character comes with their vfx, so you can tear them apart an see exactly how they were made. Being able to pick apart an effect visually and re-constructing it in your head is a great skill to have as a vfx artist, and looking at pre-made fx helps develop that.

Article HERE

url if you need it: Epic Games Releases $12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets for Free - Unreal Engine

I’m going to try and download all of that tonight, and see if I can’t make a tutorial for new vfx artists on how to go about using the provided assets for their own use. Stay tuned!


Learning VFX for the past year (using peoples experience on this forum for my learning essentially), one thing I have really wanted to do is add my own VFX to a fully fleshed out character with animations so I was REALLY excited when I saw this announcement… I would definitely subscribe to a tutorial for doing this if you did one! :slight_smile:

(I also applaud all the people who worked on these assets and the opportunity that releasing them now gives to those of us out there learning multiple games industry disciplines)

I’m still downloading them, so I’ll have to see all what is included. I’m hoping to have time this weekend to look at them and see if there is anything usable for tutorials.

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I was having a look at these today. There are a lot of really cool FX in these. There are also some really cool tricks ive not done myself before, so looking forward to picking them apart. Remember though folks… there are also a lot of optimisations that can be done to these FX to make them even more efficient, so keep that in mind when using these and making your own. Awesome stuff… and thank you Epic for releasing them into the wild :grinning: