Free OSX Flipbook creation tooling?

Hey folks, I’m looking for help figuring out the best way to easily create flipbooks from an image sequence on a mac outside of photoshop; a free solution ideally. I’ve looked around a bit and can’t find any leads. Any ideas? Does Gimp have some hidden function built in for this, for example?

Thank you!

Does Slate (from FacedownFX) not work on Macs?

I think slate is just windows?

Ah looks like it is :frowning: Should have doubled checked before answering. @alex.underhill any plans for Mac/OSX compatibility?


Not immediately. I had to commit a few sins with the codebase that tied it to OpenGL tightly, which of course Apple decided to stop supporting so it felt like a bad idea/a little bit of a timebomb. Not off the cards but no plans right now.


I had a similar problem. The script I used to use in photoshop to pack images into a flipbook sheet stopped working and rather than diving back in and fixing it I found a tool in Unity that worked even better. It’s called VFX Toolbox Image Sequencer. While they don’t get any bonus points for a creative name the toolset is flexible and easy to use.

I have a Unity project set aside I use just for processing frames into flipbook sprite sheets, even on projects that are not in Unity. If you have never used Unity I guess there’s a little learning curve but not much

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