Four Vertex Color's Needed? - UE4 [SOLVED]

Hey guys,

so I’m using vertex colors to mask/pin certain points of a mesh to another mesh (using the other mesh’s bone/socket locations)

So far I have RGB pinned to Sockets 1(R),2(G),3(B). - all working correctly,

I need a extra point to pin to another socket too. However Seeing as I’m using RGB already I don’t know if theirs any way of doing this?

  • I tried using the vertex color alpha, painting that white on this fourth point and the rest black but that didn’t seem to work in unreal at all (then masking using the vertex alpha)

  • My other theory is too make the fourth points values above 1 (or something like that) - and then floor or clamp all values below 1 to zero, (RGB Points aren’t selected as their values go to 0? but my fourth point remains as its value is above 1?)

leaving me with just the fourth point selection which I can then pin to my fourth socket location?

Any ideas suggestions/thoughts are welcome!


So I have it somewhat working using the vertex alpha as ive said above - just tweaking to get the precision now :slight_smile:

Could you explain what the end result is that you’re trying to achieve? I don’t think I’ve even heard of anyone using a process similar to yours for anything. Are you using gradients of each R, G, and B channel, or just the fully saturated channel? Is this being set up in a material, or BP or somewhere else?

Any additional information you could provide would narrow down your options and help us formulate a solution :slight_smile: