Forum login problem using Facebook login

Well, it’s not really regarding any engine but I couldn’t find another place to ask this.

I’ve been a member of this forum for the last 2 years but I just realized I made the mistake to sign up using my facebook account. And it seems like facebook login does not work anymore? I tried to recover my password thinking maybe the password reset mail will be sent to the email address my facebook is bound to, but that didn’t happen as well.

Sooo, is there any way to recover my old account and even strip the facebook login and tie it to my personal email address somehow?

P.S: I had to create “this” accont just to ask this. Sorry :confused:

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Same here :worried: I bookmarked a bunch of pages on that account :frowning:

Probably something with reauthentication or similar between Discourse and FB.
I do not know, who actually has the power to fix it behind the scene with but I’ll go ahead and tag @Keith and @Niels. Just that the problem gets attention.

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Hey all,

I’m so sorry you’re having issues logging in via Facebook accounts - they’ve changed quite a few access points for their developer API, and somewhere between my unavailability to keep up with them and Discord’s updates, a lot of people are unable to login via Facebook (surprisingly, a few still are?).

I’m 100% confident that I can get this working again, but I’ll need a bit of time.


I think I’ve fixed it!! Would one of you mind validating that you’re able to log in with your facebook credentials for me? :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: