Flying Book: Sketch #54

Could still use a bit of polish but I am outta time for the challenge.
This main idea of it was a shield projected from light as a cast shadow.
Here’s a doodle for it that I drew a few weeks before I saw the topic:

And here’s the concept sheet? for how I thought it should be animated:

It really isn’t detailed enough and as a result I spend more time than I anticipated on the main shader for the shield and it turns out to be a lil wacky:

I recently saw a twitter post about radial distortion so I thought I could use that here for the rays of light for the shield. It didn’t end up match my texture that well since my shield isn’t circular and my edges are toothed. I ended up add in some extra bits or rays and pulsing for the light in the shader to make it look better. (I could have just change the texture too and that probably would have been easier)
Textures I used for this:

For the circle texture I made a shader that splits out the 3 channels and I can mask them out using vertex color so I can control them using start color gradient or color over life time.

I’d have like to post as I was working on it, but posting stuff online is kinda stressful and take a good bit of time for me.
I plan to polish this one up so I’d appreciate feedback/criticisms. Thank you for reading~


I love the feel of carbon/pencil in the final effect, really putting the “sketch” in VFX sketch :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, I guess the charcoal/pencil brush I used for the texture came thru in the final effect. :sweat_smile:

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