Fluid sims in a reel

Hey guys, just wanting to know what you guys(and hopefully people in the supervisor role) think of having a fluid sims in a reel. Does it put you off if you label yourself as a real-time vfx artist, but then including one or two pieces of fluid sims. Or is it just better to just have purely real-time vfx pieces in it?
Thanks, give me your thoughts

I’ve heard this a few times and asked it myself. For me, the overall answers seemed to be leave it out, since you are going for a real time job. Unless you show either a side-by-side comparison, or a before and after of your sim converted into a real time effect in engine. Especially if it’s complex or looks really good, like a photo-realistic waterfall or fire. If your sim looks amazing, showing that you can pull the same quality into a game environment is a big plus, but if you sim something like a candle flame or just some rain splashes, I’d leave it out.


I’ve seen examples when there have been fluid sims mixed in, where the quality of the fluid sim made it really hard to tell if this was a great realtime effect, or a very average prerendered one. That’s not a good spot to be. To be on the safe side, Id make two reels if you feel the fluidsims are good enough to help you land a realtime gig.

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make great fluid sim and convert it to the realtime fx source :slight_smile: