Flipbook Player for Unreal

Update: The tool is now available on Unreal Marketplace :fire:



Hi. I made a tool for UE4 for previewing flipbooks. I plan to put it on Marketplace and Gumroad (cheaply). What features would you like to have?

Update 20 June 2019:

Video - https://imgur.com/gallery/8rycHjd


Taking snapshots and being able to A/B between them would be a nice feature!

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Nice! For me it’d be useful to be able to watch it with and without blending

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This is looking good!
Maybe motion vector support, and a Material Interface so if necessary, we could plug in a material to see how it would look? The latter could be more for TA’s to customize on the backend so artists can preview for their pipeline.

Thanks for the ideas! Motion vectors sound good.
Drawing a custom material - this may be too much for UMG (the UI system). because it only supports materials with “User Interface” domain. But I just added a partial solution :slight_smile: Paramter names mapping (so we can save the settings to our custom material):


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I would like a function that allow me to bake particle effect, and save as a flipbook. With configurable resolution and fps.

Great tool!

A few suggestions from me:

  • A tiling feature: for example if I want to preview a tilable texture sequence (eg. animated water caustics)
  • Checkbox that enables Multiply RGB with alpha and have some sort of gray checker background (or maybe even configurable background colors (color a, color b)
  • Hotkeys? not sure how that works with umg tools :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

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I finished the first “usable” version. If you want to give it a try, I’ll host it for a couple days on GDrive:
Edit: [the tool is now released, so I removed the link]
Of course you can keep it later, just please share your thoughts and ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Update since the last time:

  • Added tabs: up to 4 textures, each with its own settings (thx @Lush)
  • Configurable background. Translucent and additive blend modes (thx @Ludvig)
  • 3x3 tiling option, e.g. for water textures
  • Switching between frame blending and integer frames (thx @Bruno)
  • Markers showing start/end of frame range on the atlas
  • Cleaner UI, with collapisble panels


To load a texture, select it in the Content Browser, then use this little arrow


Submission finally accepted! Flipbook Viewer is on Unreal Marketplace. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I bought it recently on marketplace. Worth it!