First VFX portfolio, feedback pls

Unfortunately the studio I am working at is shutting down, which means I am updating my portfolio and will be looking for a new job (after my honeymoon!). I started as an VFX intern at this studio and these are my first VFX pieces I will be uploading to my portfolio, as I intend to continue in games as VFX artist.

I plan to work on some personal projects with some more interesting particles, but in the meantime I would love to hear what you guys think of what I have and how it’s presented.


I would suggest trying more realistic FX to give you more chances in job hunting? Or having less blocky effects for cartoony ones. Maybe giving them a little more complexity, like adding a little smoke with your sparkles, or more dynamic scattering. All of your FX look solid to me but I feel like you could push them a liiittle bit more.

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There’s some cool stuff in there. If you are willing to leave the butterbay behind you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job. There are plenty of positions up in Stockholm and some in Malmö.

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“Butterbay”… had me confused at first :joy: good one lol, did you study here? @Partikel

Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree that all of it could be pushed more. I’m not sure I want/should start doing realistic fx, I’ve been thinking I should keep doing stylized and keep trying to get really good at it. I’ve had problems pivoting in my work forever, good old jack of all trades but master of none.

Yup, lived in Fridhem when I went to SoFE many moons ago.

There are some interesting effects in the reel, especially on the shader side. Perhaps the reel was too much focus on the stylised effects, so its a bit difficult to judge the ability to handle other type of the projects. Could improve it by trying to create some realistic effects in your own project, as it might help. Good luck with the job hurting.

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