First look at the Unity fvx preview tool

Hi, I’m not sure if you’ll remember me from some months ago. I came asking for information, mostly about the tools you use in Unity and what kind of tools you’d like to have. All of this as part of my final university project.

Well, as I said in the last update, I already decided which tools to develop, and I 've been working since. Today I bring you a first look into one of those tools.

This tool allows you to preview all the particle systems in the scene without having to selec them, therefore allowing you to work and change parameters and other things while watching the preview. It has some other useful tools, mainly to control the framerate of the simulation.

Here’s a video showing it all and talking about what it does but also the issues it currently has. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel like it’s at least enough to let some people test it.

I’ll send it to some of the people that helped me, but if you’re interested in trying it just contact me at or just answer to this post. I mainly want to get some opinions, suggestions, issues, all that stuff. One of the goals of my project is to develop the tools with the participation of vfx artists, so any contribution is really important, and helps a lot.

Thank you for your attention, here’s the video:

(I’m not used to recording myself, or talking in english being so nervous, sorry for that.)

The video doesn’t show part of the window or the dropdown of the layers, I don’t know why. I’ll try to solvethat for future videos, sorry :S

EDIT: Something I forgot to say. It’s compatible with Unity 2018,2019 and 2020. It also works for the most part in 2017, all except the framerate control. I’m trying to discover why at the moment.

UPDATE (6/4/20): I’ve fixed the custom framerate problem, so that now it works no matter what you’re doing. You can move the mouse, or interact with the scene and tha framerate you’ve set will be maintained. This also makes the tool compatible with 2017, because now the way the custom framerate is applied works a different way that’s not dependant on the update of the scene window.


Of course we do remember you!

The tool looks great, let me try it and I’ll give you some feedback hehehe

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That’s looking awesome, César! Particles playing without being selected/locked sounds wonderful… Mind if I give it a whirl?

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