Fire Hydrant water splash

Hey guys, im working on fire hydrant in my school and want to have some vfx on it…

thought about something like this :

i want to try that big splash effects and i find this very interseting for this type SplashMesh! // Andreas Glad // Houdini for Games on Vimeo

any toughts about this? im a beginner

I made a little talk where I showed how we did the splashes in RiME. Maybe this helps. The magic comes from a nice “splayh” texture in combination with so called “alpha erosion”:


You could go about it the mesh route, which can work really well but also depends on your limitations and what engine your using? and for what kinda of look your going for realism or more stylized - As simon above shows rime uses the technique really well and fits the art style

And combine that with / Or purely this alone (upto you), try rendering a nice 'foamy like splash texture from Houdini after doing a basic water simulation and some whitewater (foam/spray etc.) and then use the textures on your sprites/particles in engine, (either Flipbooks/Animated textures or static textures using erosion in your shader or perhaps flowmaps to distort/fake movement)

You could even have 3 splash/foam textures one packed into each channel, then do some slightly cooler shader work to make them look nicer (specular/roughness/normal map)

The second link you posted regarding splashes and mesh was made by our very own Andreas! He might be able to help guide you: @AndreasGlad

Now that’s an account I haven’t seen in a long time. I thought that one got wiped when the forum officially opened xD

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