Feli: Sketch #53

Concept: Create a ball out of particles and animate it in niagara.
(Later spontaneously made it explode because why not)
Fun fact: I have never animated a bouncing ball before for some reason!

Final video and gif for the thumbnail

Original post:

The ball starts at the system location, so if you place it on the ground it looks like the ball is actually bouncing off the surface. Thanks to long covid I am unsure if will be able to update but fingers crossed.

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Everything’s better with explosions.
Just like the ball, I continued to animate in niagara. The explosion consists of 5 GPU emitters adding up to roughly a 1000 particles with the same base material.
If I am well enough tomorrow, I will add some debris and a burn decal on the ground.

Added a scorch mark and some flying debris. Unfortunately I cannot focus at all to polish the timing right now.

Some improvements to the debris at the end and I tried to make the scorch mark dissolve nicer.

Its almost 1400 particles in those GPU emitters xD Still a fun experiment and less particles needed than I had anticipated.