Feli: Sketch #52

Level up effect for a character whose armor and weapon also upgrade on levelup.
Character glow is made with a material shader, the spirals are ribbons following a spline plus some sparklies here and there.
If I had more time and energy, I would have added some snazzy animationfor the wizard at the end :smiley:
(Yes, I am really done now)

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This challenge was really fitting since I joined a small private rpg project recently :smiley:

The core idea from my effect is to underline the level up mechanics - when the character reaches a certain level, their armor also “levels up” and a new skin is unlocked for the player.
My main inspiration will be magical girl transformations, especially the “glowing body” part.

Other than that I looked at different level up effects from RPGs and MMOs and will try to incorporate some glowing beam and whispy particles.

I do not know if I will be able to use this idea but hopefully it will be fun to give it a try!


I got myself a cute lil wizard from the asset store, since I need a character to show the transformation.
First half of the core parts is in. Next up is the actual transformation and some BLING or BANG as a finisher.

I was honestly not sure where this idea would take me. Blueprinting and getting everything roughly together took way more time than anticipated (as usual), so the timing is still very off.
Giphy upload for a better look:

I stared at this so long, I dont know what to improve about the timing anymore. I feel like its still lacking some impact, would be grateful for any feedback!

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This was a nice learning experience!
My blueprint skills definitely leveled up and I used spline particles for the first time (don’t judge me).

I did like how the particles moved upwards at the end (see previous post) but it felt a bit boring, so I settled for this:

Okay, so I said I was done but hear me out:
More. Sparkles.