Famo - Sketchbook

Hello I’m Famosines and im learning real-time VFX, I will use this post to create a thread where I will be uploading the effects I create so people can see them and give feedback aswell if they want to.

I will start with this Stylized Water Bubble effect, feel free to comment about your opinions ad feedback! :smiley:

Main Video - GIF

VFX Breakdown - GIF
This is a mini breakdown of the full effect components

For the full breakdown you can see the artstation post


I love the swimming fishes that show up with the Projectile. However, in the first gif, it’s hard to notice that they are being left behind by the projectile.
Maybe you could set them to show up a bit earlier or use them on the trail instead?

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Great idea! Hadn’t thought about that, thank you!

Since you took some effort to make a 3D model for them, it’s good to have them show up a bit more often.

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“New” VFX! It’s not really new, in fact, it was one of the first ones I did but I never had time to do a proper showcase. It’s a stylized snow shield I created for a uni assingment.


Here’s a mini breakdown


If you wanna see it in better quality and the full breakdown here’s the artstation post