Fabios: Embergen Challenge

I’m ready for new challenges!

Hi all! First, I want to apologize for my bad English, I will try to write everything clearly.

The idea of space VFX.

Why exactly space VFX? 2020 brought a lot of interesting things for us about space, and space itself is an incredibly exciting thing! Dreams, travels and effects, such thoughts often come to some of us when we look into the endless space, I am one of them. So why not try to make a cosmic ray that shoots out cosmic energy with great force, blowing enemies into cosmic dust? (Much much cosmic).

I will try to make a skill that tells in each of its parts about the cosmos, visualizing it, and then Boom! Of course, everything will be far from science and exclusively in an artistic style.

At every stage, EmberGen will help to make important sprite atlases of smoke, explosion, particles, so let’s start a small space journey!

Hello, Connected together a cosmic ray effect and black hole! Now I continue to work on it, the impact confuses me and I want to add a strong sprite atlas of the EmberGen explosion there. Now the sprite atlas of the explosion is at the beginning, when the black hole appears. I would be glad to receive your feedback! I also tried different smokes, I want to go into the style of space, but so far only this week I started trying EmberGen.

Sorry for the poor quality. I did not understand why such losses


Some Smoke Atlases Sprite

If you have any questions about any part of the effect, I will tell you


Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

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