Extremely Good and Informative Particle Effects Courses Online

Hello Everyone,

I am still in the beginner stages of making particle effects and real time vfx, I wanted to ask if anyone knows any online courses that will teach a lot and help bring someone from beginner to advanced while gaining in depth knowledge on how the engine (unreal, unity, and any other software a real time vfx artist would use) works . If anyone has any recommendations please let me know, and if anyone has taken any of these courses please let me know what your experience was like! I really would appreciate it!

From beginner to advanced?

No. There is no magic class that will turn you super pro. This is a life style. You want advanced, you’re going to have to work towards whatever that means for you. That said there are things now that can give you a small push. Those being…

Online courses?


… everything else is on you. No pressure. That said… there is a bunch of stuff on this forum that can help you find your footing, should you have the inclination for it. And I feel I should give the heads up and say there is no go to program per se. If it helps you make the effect - use it! Don’t forget to use the forum search bar… bing bang boom.

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