Explosions for Games - FX assets

Hey guys,

Over the last couple of months I’ve released Explosions for Games: Vol. I & II - these FX packs are ideal for any games engine and come with production-friendly source assets. The demos are currently from Unreal Engine 4, however the same workflows should apply to Unity/CryEngine/etc…

You can find some cool tutorials (and a few more to come soon!):
https://vimeo.com/340078685 - this one focuses on the source assets and how to further customize them
https://vimeo.com/369701641 - this one is an example shader setup in UE4

The Regular licenses are aimed at personal/freelance users, whereas the Extended licenses are for companies both big and small.

I hope you find these useful and would love to hear your thoughts or feedback!

You can find the projects and plenty more details over at: