Explosion Spell in UE5

Hi friends!
Looking for feedback and suggestions on improving this explosion effect I made in UE5.
Thank you.

First: Color - Please organize the color tones. The green light appears to represent something poisonous. To incorporate the element of poison, the overall shape should resemble the form of poison. For a typical fiery explosion, try recombining colors such as yellow tones, red tones, and black tones.

Second: Timing - There are elements that make the timing appear excessively long. For example, particles. Practice capturing the sense of tension.

Third: Form - Clearly define the core aspect of the form and reduce the intensity of the embellishments to give a sense of gradation.

The VFX documentation for League of Legends illustrates this well.


Hey! Thank you very much for your help. This is an updated version I made trying to implement your advice.
I changed the timing and life time of some elements and removed a few. I changed the values of core spheres and surrounding elements.
Also changed the colors and the blue sky light :smiley:


Hey :smiley: Looks better!
Tho when explosion happens I would make it grow very quickly and then slow down. Make a non-linear curve for the speed and it should look even better :smiley:

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Looking great so far!

I would say the blast waves coming off are also all the same speed and stops quite abruptly which makes it a bit less dynamic than it could be, thinking it might help if things were slightly different speeds. the outer ring (because it is farther means it has more force) would move slightly faster than the inner ring

Also, my 2 cents, I think the effect overall looks pretty decent though those rings blasting outwards look like they would do damage though It isn’t telegraphed. this makes it quite surprising as the aoe circle is telegraphed.
just something to think about.

great work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! You’re too kind.
@Manus Tbh all the curves were non-linear which looks odd to me too, turns out it was a shader thing I messed up that caused the abrupt disappearance …
@JoppeMin You’re right, the waves looked threatening. I changed them up a bit hopefully it looks better now.