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Hey ErbGameArt, i have a question, whenever i use custom data vector4 and animate the vectors i get no results, but others seem to do so even without scripts. how do i make simple but efficent curves for particles to spawn outwards going inwards seen in your most recent gif, would really help!


Hi, I used orbital velocity for this. Custom data in responsible only for custom-shaders values.


oh ok, how would you get a global value into the particle system into a shader without attatching a script to the particle system?


Just use texture coordinates outputs. You can write on YouTube search “unity custom data” and watch first video.


thanks a lot for the help! helps a lot cause have been struggling with it for a while!


Ideal flow vertex shader for me:



Where did your model get


It’s just a half of sphere


Hi, it’s arrow for archer, but I’m testing on the gun.


Electric laser :yum:


image image image
Texture i used for it:


How I create it:

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image Blur + brush
  4. image Inside black glowing
  5. Finger brush + hard inside glow
  6. image


It seems to me that it is better to add a little blue color to white because without it the color will be closer to yellow.


Projectiles that use trails I show earlier. 100% magic


I’m a little worried that because of my frequent posts, my topic is always on top.:grimacing:


Don’t stop please) Your works are so beatiful)


I like to read it too, keep it going :slight_smile:


Worry not, they are super useful and cool to watch! Keep it up :new_moon_with_face: