ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook [Last post: Magic aura in realistic style]


After 3 years:


Changed main trail:

Changed ground texture from
to image
work continues…


I spent a lot of time on this effect. Old left, final result right

Even earlier, I showed healing effect, it is more stylized, not realistic. I want to make an effect where the wind flows are clearly visible. I will draw better textures. I used to make effects for sale at the Asset Store and limited myself to existing textures and shaders to optimize effects and because all my assets are compatible. Now I started to make new effects such as this VFX, Fire ray, Gold magic circle without limitations in textures, shaders, models, etc.
Now I think as better, higher or lower.



That’s all. Final result:

PS. I always forget to enable character animation =(
PPS. Admins, all gifs and videos are displayed not in the center on preview of all topics on PC.





You might say good…

…but u didn’t see full size :tired_face:


So what I get:

Need your feedback :grinning:


I love the effect, but it feels as when the water drops touch the ground the impact is a little bit lacking to me, i wouldnt expect a water tower effect coming out. Otherwise its spotless (to me) just needs more impact :grinning:


Thanks, hmm, after your answer it seems to me that something is missing while hit


Decided to quickly make projectiles effect

P.S. I don’t forget about water spell :grinning:


Might be worth playing around with the brightness, it’s always the same brightness atm and it could be nice to have different strenght depending on the stages.
I think I’d also try to make the projectile have a more water feel instead of being just a line. Looks really cool otherwise, love the watersplashes at the bottom of the water tornado


Added some hit animation. Now I need to change projectiles(trails)
Feel free to use this animation in commerce because it’s just a test animation to understand my mistakes while drawing.


Here is the final variant:

Final hit animation:


Better quality


Experimenting with distortion


Magic aura in realistic style. I like distortion, especially in VR :smiling_imp::nauseated_face::sweat_smile:

I will make a tutorial


That looks amazing! Very nice and hi-def. The distortion for the runes and core flames make it look especially HD. Can’t wait for the tutorial! :slight_smile:


Where exactly are you using this flipbook? Not in the tornadoes, right? Is it the splashes when they disappear?


Tutorial here, but on Russian language.