Employability Package - Uni - Feedback Wanted

Hello Real Time VFX,

As part of a university assignment, we have to make an employability package including a C.V., a business card, a logo, an online presence, an overview of a blog redesign, a showreel and evidence of industry feedback. The industry feedback is why I’m posting this. The deadline is tight so I’d hugely appreciate any feedback that I can get as soon as possible. Below are links to everything. I’m aware I might not be on the best forum for this but as said, I need evidence of industry feedback and it seems like anywhere and everywhere is the best option. Thanks! :smiley:

Showreel - https://youtu.be/qvj40kJ-AYI
Online Presence - https://www.youtube.com/xflareediting
Business Card (Back) - Screenshot - 8ec423c1db86fc5c8bc507d2f89317c9 - Gyazo
Business Card (Front) - Screenshot - d5c69daec84ec83a8a0c3a44f8d652bb - Gyazo
C.V. - Screenshot - f2398a6445c60436581d16aa67fca27e - Gyazo
Website/Blog - https://xflareediting.wixsite.com/vfxandmotiondesign

No LinkedIn or Artstation?

This isn’t real time fx related, but the back side of your business card is all you need. Has all your info clearly labeled, you don’t need anything more. A blank back will not only be cheaper to print, but I’ve gotten feedback from people saying they like blank backs to write notes down on. I personally use blank space to write down where I met the person and in what context to help me remember them better (especially helpful post-GDC)

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I agree with @Partikel that you should have a LinkedIn profile

Regarding Business cards, paper selection is quite important to specify in your design! There’s a bunch of cool effects you can add to the paper too, such as emboss, deboss and varnish to name a few