"Efficient CPU Particle Systems" by Alex Tardif

A bit more techy but a very detailed article FX Artists and programming particle systems. He says really nice/smart/important things like:

FX Artists in general will blow your mind

our goal is to minimize the amount of time they spend to create these effects". For that I already praise him. :slight_smile:

Artists want every single feature exposed to them

your artists will want to be able to animate everything about your particle system. Furthermore, ‘startValue’ and ‘endValue’ are not enough

A big issue that many artists have as they create more and more particle systems is being able to template systems so they don’t have to keep re-creating them.

About a good particle editor:

please do yourself a service and create a front-end worthy of your work

but they are visual people. I’m not claiming it to be the perfect front-end solution, but a node-based component graph editor like the image below is a much better solution for the way artists think

You will never have enough features

I can’t explain how much I agree to this and would like to add: Make f*cking sure the artist can test his stuff as efficient as possible. Ingame-Hot-Reloading is a must and an artist who has to restart the game everytime he wants to see a change on his effects is a depressed creature full of sadness and sorrow after a short time of the project.