Educational resources - dvds, classes etc


I’ve been hunting around for good instructional material for things like FumeFX, game vfx, 2d animation, and the like for work to help educate new starters and old hands alike. While there are a lot of free tutorials online, there’s a lot of… not so good material, so my question is:

What would you recommend when it comes to dvds, sessions, classes, workshops, books and whatnot for people who want to learn about vfx, generating assets and so on?

I’ve got the Elemental Magic books and a ton of Allan McKay tutorials but what else is there?


This might seem like a silly question but what would you consider good material? What makes the free stuff not so good?
One resource I haven’t seen mentioned too often is Adam Phillips 2D vfx subscription -
He’s a traditional vfx animator and does a great job of breaking elements down.

I’m not saying free stuff isn’t good, it’s just that there is a lot of people putting up things like FumeFX tutorials on for example Youtube and not all of them are great :slight_smile: I’ve found some really good stuff there and on Vimeo but it involves a lot of searching and filtering to find the gems.

Good material are things like Allan McKays tutorials where he breaks down the workflow and also explains why he does what he does, not just rattles through “set this to x, set this value to y, check this box, render, done”. Good material is as much about getting a cool result as it is about teaching the viewer why you do things a certain way and to give them enough understanding that they can adapt what they just saw to their own needs.