(Edit: Poll Added!) First VFX Sketch: Conclusion and Feedback

Pick one

  • I would love to particiapte in VFX Sketches! I was just super busy last month.
  • I’m not really interested in participating in VFX Sketches.

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I’d like to see VFX Sketches that are

  • Similar to last months: a little more abstracted than what I’m usually tasked with.
  • Exercises in creating normal game effects: campfires, blood splats, sword swipes, weapon impacts etc.
  • Something else (please post below if this is the case!)

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Another month has passed as so has our first VFX Sketch! Thank you to everyone who put forth an effort to participate and congrats to Jason Chappell for creating a seriously rad entry! If you weren’t able to participate, no worries! There’s more sketches to come! :grin:

As we move forward into our next sketch we’d love to get your feedback!

What sorts of things would you like to see in upcoming VFX Sketches?

We’re thinking of lowering the scope quite a bit, to the point where you could potentially spend an hour or less in completing the challenge. Things like blood splats, sword swipes, hit effects, campfires etc. The end goal would be to loosen up, perhaps try something new, and ultimately learn and inspire eachother. What do you guys think?

I think the halloween sketch was the right sized project, I think a fair amount of people were busy though, so maybe more time to do these? I like the idea of smaller challenges though! Maybe a small one every month, and then themed ones every few months?


Yea, I’m curious to hear if we have a large number of people that wanted to participate, but were unable to because of an exceptionally busy month (me), or if they’re just unable to participate in things like this regularly… perhaps its time for a poll!?

Poll! I was drowning in work until two days before deadline, and by then I was exhausted.

I’ve been in the process of moving the past week, any my home computer is still boxed up :confused:

Cool, I create a poll for this topic later tonight! :relaxed:

I was really pumped to join but…
busy with studying and working on personal projects before deadline comes soon.

Cool, I added a poll! Click away! :grin:


I voted “something else”. which basically my idea is the mix of the A and B options. sometimes we push our self out of the comfort zone, and sometimes we just play around in the every day normal tasks.

so I think its better not to make it black or white.

Yeah I figured the end would be a mix in the polls. I mostly wanted to see the ratio difference to gauge how often to do one over the other. But yes! Definitely both!

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I’m super keen to take part in the sketches; I’m just a horrible person in that I found the topic uninspiring… (sorry)

I like that it was loose enough to potentially allow for multiple interpretations, and I rather like the idea of being provided with audio, because fx without audio often feels quite empty. I just listened to the audio clip and felt like I drew a total blank.

No this is perfect, thank you for the feedback! I’m thinking if audio is used in the future it will be not as a timing element but more of a “feels” guide… POW! POP! Shwawawawa kinda thing :wink:


yeah, I think there is an animation website (forgot the name of it). It always give a monolog for 10 seconds I think, then people fit to that an animation. We could do the same with “fx” sounds I guess ^^.


I voted for something else because I too think a mix between options A and B would be nice.

I don’t think it would be that interesting to have a sword swipe contest for example, something more abstract is much more interesting to me, but giving a sound effect instead of a music could inspire more!