Dungeon Hunter Champions Diva

Hey guys,
This is the new character we’ve just released for Dungeon Hunter, the Diva.
it was a really fun character to work on, with some nice challenges :smiley:


Here is the ArtStation Link
And on YouTube


Fantastic work!

If possible I would like to see what textures you use for this effect

How do you guys handle the bloom/glow in your engine?

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I’m not sure I can share the textures themselves, but the equalizers are made with simple gradients with a noise texture. The UV does most of the work. They are unwrapped as tiny squares and laid out along the gradient.
The squiggly sound waves are lines with some UV distortion.

As for the bloom, I’m not sure on the ins and outs, but we control it like Unity’s would, with color values over 1 being overbright

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I love it, might try and imitate it since I just started playing this game and it looks really nice

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Boots and cats and boots and cats. Looks slick man

This is awesome! Very creative.